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Credit Webinar

[Webinar] Getting to Yes: 

Traditional, Alternative and Emerging Data Sources for the Best Credit Decisions

Zoot Enterprises and industry-leading data providers Equifax, LexisNexis and Nova Credit present a discussion about how you can use traditional, alternative and emerging data to make the best credit decisions for your bank and your customers.

While traditional credit reports play a large role in credit underwriting, alternative and emerging data sources can supplement the decisioning process. Leading FIs are incorporating more data to develop a comprehensive picture of their customers and their creditworthiness. For millennials and unbanked/underbanked populations in particular, real-time access to alternative and emerging data can mean the difference between offering credit or not.

This webinar explores how and where you can implement a model that incorporates data from all relevant sources in your organization.

You'll learn:

  • Which trends are influencing the credit underwriting process
  • What new data sources to leverage in your credit underwriting process
  • How to implement these data sources to support your credit strategy